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An Inspector Calls coursework. Extracts from this document Introduction. Using a section from "An Inspector Calls", illustrate how dramatic devices can be used.
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We aim to provide a balance of texts, ranging from the classics like Shakespeare and Stevenson to more modern texts by writers such as Suzanne Collins and Louis Sachar. Through this diversity pupils gain a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding. Opportunities for revising and expanding on key areas of grammar and spelling are woven into the curriculum, alongside opportunities for the pupils to express themselves fluently and confidently and develop the ability to structure and craft their writing to suit a range of different outcomes.

Library lessons continue in Year 7 to further support our pupils on their journey to becoming independent readers. In Year 8 all pupils perform a selection of scenes from a Shakespeare play in a joint venture with the Drama department. Much of the preparation, especially in terms of speaking and understanding the subtleties of the lines, is undertaken in English lessons.

It has proved an excellent introduction, making Year 9's study of a full text much more accessible to students. At Key Stage 4 pupils will hone the skills acquired at Key Stage 3. The Edexcel IGCSE English Language course encourages pupils to read critically and use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their own writing. They will develop their vocabulary alongside their knowledge of grammatical terminology and linguistic convenctions for reading, writing and spoken language. They will further develop an appreciation of the ways in which authors achieve their literary effects, as well as explore the historical, social and cultural contexts of different works of literature.

The A level literature course aims to encourage pupils to read widely and independently. Edexcel provide a varied and rigorous course that will engage them critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts. The course will develop pupils' ability to explore the historical, social and political contexts of the texts they are reading, as well as appreciate radings of literary works. Other aspects are not so noticeable. Let us in this essay consider in depth this dimension of the drama.

Research Papers words 6. Even phrases that appear so have always a complex meter behind them and, in Hamlet especially, it seems that every word is chosen individually to serve a particular purpose.


Despite being almost four hundred years old, Shakespeare is considered the landmark in English literature as the dawning of the modern age of drama. Previously, drama such as the medieval morality plays was used to demonstrate moral stances, but Shakespeare focused on investigating the individual in society Powerful Essays words 3.

The Ghost, though not a human character in most senses of the word, is crucial for the development of the play. This essay will analyze this interesting character. Horatio as skeptic raises questions as to its status which could have been avoided. Powerful Essays words 6.

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Without the Ghost the show could not go on. He is absolutely essential to the plot, to ever aspect of the drama. Gertrude has many good qualities in the play; she is not evil through and through. It is the intent of this essay to analyze and probe all the various aspects of this curious personality. Wright and Virginia A.

We feel that they are living beings with problems that are perennially human. It is also located, like King Lear, in a frontier area between a pagan revenge ethic and Christian compassion, and between a ruthless, power-hungry adult world and a younger generation with gentler and more conciliatory aspirations. Hamlet's father, who now torments him, was himself a sinner, otherwise he would not have to return to earth as a ghost, demanding revenge. Hamlet is well aware of his father's crimes III. Powerful Essays words 9 pages Preview. He stands apart from other Shakespeare's heroes because of his innocence.

Perhaps this supposed tragic hero is an ideal hero - one without the tragic flaw. The tragic flaw has been a part of the formula for the tragedy since the Golden age of Greece. The main, and, most often, the only flaw that has been attributed to Hamlet is his delay. This seems to constitute the central part in Hamlet. Critics seem to cling to this detail, as if trying to save the status of Hamlet as a typical Elizabethan tragedy of revenge Let us in this essay search for and comment on the examples of love found in the play.

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He is free; she achieves her freedom, and at a great cost He is a supernatural being — a Ghost. This essay will be devoted to an explanation of this Ghost. Powerful Essays words 8. Horatio certainly came from Wittenberg to the funeral Free Essays words 8. Subjects like racism, sexism, love, hate, jealously, pride, and trickery are thoroughly developed in the play of Othello to enable the audience to view the characters and also themselves. The Shakespearean tragedy of Othello was written in a time of great racial tensions in England. According to Eldred Jones, in just three years before Othello was written, Queen Elizabeth proclaimed an Edict for the Transportation of all "negars and blackmoores" out of the country "Othello- An Interpretation" Critical Essays Only late in the play does Hamlet complain that his uncle had "popped in between the election and my hopes.

Term Papers words 6. This problematic dimension of the drama will be considered in this essay. Research Papers words 8. This essay will explore the character, role, and importance of Gertrude. Who else but Gertrude. Is there a consensus in this evaluation. Term Papers words 5.

It may appear that anything could be twisted into a typological pattern. Such interpretations appear to suffer from the structuralist faults of skating too lightly over actual texts, ignoring details that cannot be forced into a preconceived mold, and robbing narratives of their concrete shapes through abstraction. I would stress that there is more to Shakespeare than typology, but I would also insist that typology is often an important part of his drama Prince Hamlet initially appears in the play dressed in solemn black.

This essay will present both an external and internal consideration of Claudius. For the duration of the drama an important mental contest ensues between Claudius and the protagonist. The first half of the play, though it exposes and develops the fable, is a dual image of a search for truth, of a seeking for a certainty that would justify a viole Research Papers words 8 pages Preview.

This is, of course, a reference to the supernatural creature, or Ghost. The King was surrounded not merely by courtiers but by a Swiss bodyguard: how was Hamlet to get at him Is she a victim or not. This essay will explore these and other questions related to this character. In fact, the reason why this play has survived and is regarded as the greatest play in the English language is because it is universally linked to "real" life. The tragedy in Hamlet is not simply one dimensional because the play operates on several levels. It is in one sense a political play, as Hamlet is ordered to carry out an act of vengeance on a head of state, who is above the law Let us examine the evidence from the play, along with literary critical opinion on this subject.

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His mastery is confounded by the inherent liability of human reason to jump to conclusions, to fail to distinguish seeming from being This essay will treat this aspect of the drama. Each detail in his imagery contains an important symbol of the play. These symbols that must be understood if one is to understand either the passage which contains it or the play as a whole.

In Macbeth, the image of clothing is used to suggest that throughout the play, Macbeth is seeking to hide his "disgraceful self" from his eyes and from others. Shakespeare wants to keep alive the ironical contrast between the wretched creature that Macbeth really is and the disguises he assumes to conceal that fact And such is the intent of this essay. Hamlet sees this. He may even be, as W. As this essay will explore, Hamlet stands the conventional revenge tragedy on its head, and uses the tensions created by this reversal of type to add depth to its characters and story It contains everything from murder to betrayal and a lot of drama.

Each character appears to be going through some sort of problem in the play. Of all the characters, Hamlet has the most hardships. In order to show why Hamlet makes the choices he does, who he is, and what he is about, Shakespeare creates Laertes and the ghost as foils for Hamlet. The foils allow the reader to gain a much more profound understanding of Hamlet William Shakespeare incorporated witches with bizarre powers in his play, Macbeth. These witches possessed devilish powers to set the course of events in the plot and added to the flavor of the story. The witches' powers included omnientness, vision and apparition creation, and the ability to set the conditions for disaster, and the utilization of these abilities sets the movement of the play Of course, there are many different types of lies. There are those blatant lies that have no truth in them whatsoever, lies of omission, and half-truths. In the Shakespearean play, Macbeth, evil witches deceive their victim, Macbeth, by telling him half-truths about his prophecies. As a result of this new "half-true" knowledge, Macbeth makes rash decisions that lead him to paranoia, grief, and eventually his downfall One way to measure Shakespeare's work is to appraise it using the methods of classical critics and thereby to see how if it would have retained its meaning.

Hamlet is one of the most recognizable and most often quoted tragedies in the all of English literature. Aristotle, is concerned with the proper presentation of tragic plays and poetry In Hamlet, Gertrude, Horatio and Claudius refer to her state, and conclude that she is crazy1[1]. Though there is some truth to their claim, Shakespeare created Ophelia as an overly- dramatic character, who is somewhat exaggerating her emotions to give an impression of madness. Although their impression of Ophelia can be supported, evidence is not shown as much in her words, as it is shown in her actions.

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Ophelia's songs seem like riddles and nonsense2[2], yet they are simil Powerful Essays words 6 pages Preview. Their roles vary and it would be an exaggeration to categorize them all as victims. However, there are similarities between the three women. Her relationship with Cassio does not appear to be full of commitment.

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Seven days and nights? This essay will develop the above premise, including exemplification and literary critical thought. Bradley began his study by pointing out that "almost all the scenes which at once recur to the memory take place either at night or in some dark spot. The use of the supernatural in the script, the witches, the visions, the ghost of Banquo, and the apparitions, are key elements making the concept of the play work and in making the play interesting. Witches, spirits, ghosts and apparitions are a major factor in developing the play.

The use of the supernatural occurs at the beginning of the play, with three witches predicting the fate of Macbeth. This gives the audience a clue to what the future holds for Macbeth The fall of Constantinople in heralded the utter destruction of the old Byzantine Empire and the rise of the new regime of the Ottoman Turks He is boisterous, egotistical, sometimes witty, and all too eager to seek revenge.

In William Shakespeare Othello, Iago is the well-liked, trusted, and brave ensign of the great Venetian general Othello, or so it appears.

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